The Value of a Good Book Recommendation

Why it matters, and how it can go a long way. When trying to kick start a new reading habit, sometimes, it can be hard to know where to look for solid recommendations. But on the other hand, the internet is full to the brim of listicles telling you about all the books you shouldContinue reading “The Value of a Good Book Recommendation”

How To Start Reading Shakespeare With 5 Plays

Don’t let the famous bard intimidate you. William Shakespeare’s influence and impact on English literature can’t go unnoticed. Many people even believe that he was the greatest English writer who ever lived. Whether you agree with such high acclaim or not, his work is a big deal. With such high praise also comes the misapprehensionContinue reading “How To Start Reading Shakespeare With 5 Plays”

Crime Authors to Read If You Love Agatha Christie

And the best books to start with. Agatha Christie reigned over my teenage years. I was obsessed with her witty, character-rich novels. She formed my taste for the mystery-thriller genre. I consumed every Christie book under the sun, some of them more than once. “Every murderer is probably somebody’s old friend.” — Agatha Christie ForContinue reading “Crime Authors to Read If You Love Agatha Christie”

Top 5 Celebrity Autobiographies That You Should Read

Autobiographies and non-fiction are often overshadowed by fiction, but here are some I would recommend. People are sometimes more intrigued by a made-up world, as a form of escapism instead of reality, which I completely understand. But there is something about autobiographies that makes me want to consume more. Is it my nosy tendencies, havingContinue reading “Top 5 Celebrity Autobiographies That You Should Read”

What Makes and What Breaks a Good Book

These qualities determine how I feel about every read and encourage me to reflect on what to look for in future books.  Every passionate reader knows that generally, it doesn’t take long to decide how to feel about a book. For me, there is always one decisive moment during each read, when I know to whatContinue reading “What Makes and What Breaks a Good Book”

Having Books As Friends Doesn’t Make You Weird

Because books have the power to change your life, teach you lessons and inspire you. With your back against the plush chair and your legs crossed beneath you, the soft murmurs from the other students in the library, and a gentle noise in the background, you finally open up to the first page of thatContinue reading “Having Books As Friends Doesn’t Make You Weird”

Jacqueline Wilson’s Impact and the Power of Representation

Let’s talk about the legend that brought us, Tracy “bog off” Beaker and how readers remember her books. When we talk about Jacqueline Wilson, we’re instantly thrown back to the days in our childhood and teen years where we’d devour her books hungrily. Long after we’d be told to turn off the lights, we’d stillContinue reading “Jacqueline Wilson’s Impact and the Power of Representation”

Book Review: It Ends With Us

“Fifteen seconds. That’s all it takes to completely change everything about a person. Fifteen seconds that we’ll never get back.” Synopsis from Goodreads Sometimes the one who loves you is the one who hurts you the most. Lily hasn’t always had it easy, but that’s never stopped her from working hard for the life she wants.Continue reading “Book Review: It Ends With Us”

Library Apps Might Be the Best Thing to Happen to Reading

How I found my motivation to read during lockdown. Every summer break, when I come back to my hometown from university, I go on a reading spree. The new-found free time sends me straight to my local library to pick up as many books as they’ll let me away with, to consume at breakneck speedContinue reading “Library Apps Might Be the Best Thing to Happen to Reading”

Now Everything is Virtual, Reading is a Welcomed Offline Space

Here’s how I rediscovered my passion for reading and how it can carve out time from the online world. Once a bookworm, my love for reading waned when it came to university and part-time working. Over the years I have bought books that I intend to read, promised myself that I would, but they ultimatelyContinue reading “Now Everything is Virtual, Reading is a Welcomed Offline Space”