One of the biggest questions we get from new writers is if we can pay for articles. Although we encourage all our writers to publish on Medium and enrol in the Partner Program, there’s no guarantee of earning a substantial income. In the future, we aim to pay writers for their work. However, having just started in December, we are not in a position to do so yet.

This is where we need your help.

Currently, this website is paid for out of our own editor’s pocket and in the future, we’d like to be able to spend more on that and offer writer’s an upfront payment for their work.

All editor’s who work for us (2 currently) do so on an unpaid basis and quite literally use their free time to publish your work. We’d love to be able to pay them too.

If you enjoy our content and want to support our writers and us, please consider leaving a donation. Every little helps, big or small. Thank you.

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