5 Books to Help You Live through Uncertainty

This selection of heartwarming fiction reads will give you comfort and reassurance in tough times. Uncertainty has become a dominant facet of life over the past year, and many of us have turned to books to heal our anxieties about the current state of the world. Of course, we all read for different reasons —Continue reading “5 Books to Help You Live through Uncertainty”

The Value of a Good Book Recommendation

Why it matters, and how it can go a long way. When trying to kick start a new reading habit, sometimes, it can be hard to know where to look for solid recommendations. But on the other hand, the internet is full to the brim of listicles telling you about all the books you shouldContinue reading “The Value of a Good Book Recommendation”

Crime Authors to Read If You Love Agatha Christie

And the best books to start with. Agatha Christie reigned over my teenage years. I was obsessed with her witty, character-rich novels. She formed my taste for the mystery-thriller genre. I consumed every Christie book under the sun, some of them more than once. “Every murderer is probably somebody’s old friend.” — Agatha Christie ForContinue reading “Crime Authors to Read If You Love Agatha Christie”

Top 5 Celebrity Autobiographies That You Should Read

Autobiographies and non-fiction are often overshadowed by fiction, but here are some I would recommend. People are sometimes more intrigued by a made-up world, as a form of escapism instead of reality, which I completely understand. But there is something about autobiographies that makes me want to consume more. Is it my nosy tendencies, havingContinue reading “Top 5 Celebrity Autobiographies That You Should Read”

5 Books to Read if Lockdown Has Killed Your Attention Span

My top easy reads that are perfect for lockdown 3.0. If you’ve struggled to pick up a book in the last year, you’re not the only one — trust me. What should be the perfect time to settle down with a cup of tea and a good read (when you’re forced to stay at home,Continue reading “5 Books to Read if Lockdown Has Killed Your Attention Span”

A Book From Each Genre That Made up My Favourite Reads of 2020

Switching it up from the classic ‘top ten books of the year’ — I have chosen my favourites by each genre. I’m done with writing about how awful 2020 has been, since there are only so many times one can state the obvious. Instead, I’d like to focus on one of the best aspects ofContinue reading “A Book From Each Genre That Made up My Favourite Reads of 2020”

Everything I Read in 2020

Breaking down my year of reading month by month: including my ratings, thoughts, and recommendations. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know by now just how much reading has played a role in my life throughout the past few months. It’s pretty much been my lifeline. Yes, I’ve read more this year because I’ve had moreContinue reading “Everything I Read in 2020”