Crime Authors to Read If You Love Agatha Christie

And the best books to start with. Agatha Christie reigned over my teenage years. I was obsessed with her witty, character-rich novels. She formed my taste for the mystery-thriller genre. I consumed every Christie book under the sun, some of them more than once. “Every murderer is probably somebody’s old friend.” — Agatha Christie ForContinue reading “Crime Authors to Read If You Love Agatha Christie”

What Makes and What Breaks a Good Book

These qualities determine how I feel about every read and encourage me to reflect on what to look for in future books.  Every passionate reader knows that generally, it doesn’t take long to decide how to feel about a book. For me, there is always one decisive moment during each read, when I know to whatContinue reading “What Makes and What Breaks a Good Book”

What ‘Lady in Waiting’ taught me about British aristocracy

It’s easy to be cynical about people born in palaces, but had it been you, would you give it up because it’s unfair? Ever since I can remember, anything to do with royals has intrigued me. From their looks to their history, from their work to their manners, I am fascinated and nosy about royalContinue reading “What ‘Lady in Waiting’ taught me about British aristocracy”

How Judging a Reader’s Taste Can Affect Their Love for Books

Being forced into reading books you don’t enjoy can significantly change your attitude toward reading. When I was still in school, our literature curriculum would ask us to read all the scary, daunting, difficult classics, from James Joyce to Charles de Baudelaire or Edgar Allan Poe. Every time I would pick up a classic, IContinue reading “How Judging a Reader’s Taste Can Affect Their Love for Books”

5 Books I Can’t Stop Thinking About

These are my most memorable reads of 2020, which have stayed with me months after finishing them. It could be that 2020 has made me more mindful, or maybe I just had a great reading year, but seldom has it happened for the memories of so many books to recur in my mind. This playsContinue reading “5 Books I Can’t Stop Thinking About”

A Book From Each Genre That Made up My Favourite Reads of 2020

Switching it up from the classic ‘top ten books of the year’ — I have chosen my favourites by each genre. I’m done with writing about how awful 2020 has been, since there are only so many times one can state the obvious. Instead, I’d like to focus on one of the best aspects ofContinue reading “A Book From Each Genre That Made up My Favourite Reads of 2020”