Articles we Accept

We’re not fussy — basically — if it’s about books then we’ll probably publish it, but we are particularly looking for book reviews and recommendation pieces.

Specifically — we want to use this space to showcase the work of less established and up and coming writers — as we feel there is a gap for this. Whether this is through writing advanced reader copy reviews, author profiles or articles about the writing process, we are open to all ideas. Also, if you are a writer and would like to be featured — please contact us.

Alternatively, suppose you are a book reviewer or get your ARC’s (advanced reader copies) from Netgalley. In that case, we will happily post your reviews for the chance for you to earn something and for the author to gain greater recognition.

Here are some general ideas for what we will publish:

  • Book reviews — of all genres, including ARC’s.
  • Book recommendation lists — be creative! Think beyond 20 books you must read before you die but something like 10 Books to Read When you Are Going Through a Transitional Stage type lists
  • Stories about authors (or written by authors) about the writing process
  • Author profiles — writing about an author whose work you love
  • Interviews — with writers big or small
  • Stories about reading — what it means to you, your relationship to it and the benefits
  • Writing — either on the process behind writing a book and how to start, or freelance writing and maintaining motivation and inspiration

This is a rough guide but if it’s about books chances are, we’ll probably publish it. If you want to explore an idea or pitch something to us, please get in touch.

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